Find mobiles phones and tablets with Android

Google application called Android Device Manager lets you locate and erase data from lost devices (find mobile android, find android tablet, search phone android, android smartphone location)

Android Device Manager is the new application from Google that allows users with Android to locate lost or stolen smartphones or tablets. It also allows deleting files and data remotely to ensure the confidentiality of the content.

In addition to offering more security, it is a free service that requires no installation. You just have to access the Google account the user has associated with his phone, cell phone or tablet. The location of the device is done via GPS, mobile networks and / or Wi-Fi, and through Google Maps appears the exact location of the terminal.

Another novelty that will be useful, is the activation of an alarm that will make the phone sound when we do not find it at home, in the car or in the handbag. You can also set the alarm to sound for five minutes and that the phone screen turns on to find it, all from Google’s account.

Nowadays, the smartphones stores a huge part of our most important information, both personal and business, thanks to all the tools and apps, so Android Device Manager is presented as an useful revolution. The application is available for users with an Android version 2.3 Gingerbread system or higher.

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