Google has a tool to locate geographically friends with mobile phone

The application of Google Maps for mobile phones includes a service that allows geographically locate your friends. This tool is integrated into Google+ (it was called Google Latitude earlier) and offers the possibility of locating automatically all the contacts on the map, using the available technologies, such as GPS, 3G connection or Wi-Fi. It is a perfect application to share the location with friends. Its operation is very simple: In Locations we must indicate with which people we want to share our location in real time.

According to Google, this tool is not a control tool but a socialization so, for example, allows locate friends in a massive event, such as a music festival. The mobile location is approximate because it depends on the terminal, coverage or if the user is moving or at a fixed site. It is important to highlight that this tool only works if the user agrees to be located.


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