The importance of geolocation in mobile Internet presence

After Web 1.0, where the important thing was to share information and search engine optimization, web 2.0, which takes center stage on the interaction with the target audience through social networks, there are three elements are achieving prominence and will involve success for online business on the web 3.0. They are the social web, local web (geolocation) and mobile web (mobile version and Responsive design).

This role is becoming popular with the globalization of the smartphones and social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and Twitter, among others, that have achive many Internet usuers to share a lot of contents: images, sounds, videos, links, etc. At the same time, smart mobile devices, thanks to the GPS and tracking systems using Wi-Fi, ADSL, mobile repeaters, etc., are taking increasingly importance to the geolocation, or what is the same, location of sites through its geographic positioning coordinates. This implies that a company that wants to succeed in their online presence should ensure being well placed in the various systems maps.

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